Inventor & Telecommunications Pioneer
News Clippings
Hings Broadcasts from Plane, Code Picked Up Nelson (June 7, 1930)

Radio Equipment for Big Missouri (193-?)

Many Rosslanders, Hings Among 'em, Make Good Ottawa (194-?)

Rossland Man Invents New Radio Transmitter (Sept 23, 1940)

Signal Corps Sees Phone Demonstration (1940-41?)

News Photo of C-58 [ photo caption ] (1942?)

Miraculous Walkie-Talkie Like Quarterback to Army Enables Batallion Headquarters to Direct Units over Wide Sections of Battle Front - Canadian Secret Weapon Useful to Paratroopers [Headline & Photo] [Body of Article] (1942?)

News article from speech by C. D. Howe (June, 1943)

Transcript of previous two articles, for better legibility.

90 BC Citizens Honoured by King in Dominion Day List (July 2, 1946)

Electronic Piano [ photo ] (March 22, 1947)

Walkie-Talkie invention didn't pay dividends (August 7, 1988)

B.C. Inventor of Walkie-Talkie Saluted (August 25, 1988)

Walkie-Talkie inventor hides brilliance in a buffer of modesty (January 18, 2000)

Vancouver's ice team sculpture wins peoples' hearts in Ottawa [ photo ] (February 14, 2000)

Order of Canada for a Life of Invention [ article ] (August 17, 2001)

Walkie-talkie inventor got his start at a North Vancouver school (January 29, 2023)

Episode 3 of Fokker Super Universal: Back to the Sky, featuring Don Hings' early airborne radio experiments:

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